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Browse Project Management - Business & Finance : 101-150 programs listed after popularity

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  • 2D/3D Horizontal Bar Graph Software  101)   2D/3D Horizontal Bar Graph Software 4.63
    2D / 3D Horizontal Bar Graph provides both a client and server side solution for the incorporation of bar graphs into web pages. Versatile components enable web authors and Java developers to easily build and publish dynamic and interactive bar graph

  • Super Suite  102)   Super Suite
    Super Suite is the comprehensive systems management solution for IT professionals. Super Suite allows you to automarically detect the hardware and software, manage your time and servicing and build custom reports for your network.

  • Advanced Time Reports Premier  103)   Advanced Time Reports Premier 10.4.75
    Advanced Time Reports is an intuitive time tracking & project management solution that will help you increase your billable hours by better managing all your projects, clients and working hours. Used by many professionals and businesses.

  • Profile  104)   Profile 1.5
    Profile is a Personnel Management System designed for the storage and reporting of information relating to employees, club members, students or any similar organisation.

  • Alerts for Excel 97/2000  105)   Alerts for Excel 97/2000 2.15
    Spinnaker Alerts 2.14 is an Excel Add-in that Alerts you to critical values in your worksheet by means of audio, pop-up messaging, E-mail paging, and logging of critical events in Microsoft Excel 97 and later. Sample file included for a quick start

  • ProLibra  106)   ProLibra 2.0
    Keep teams in control of their documents, without the need for complex databases. Organise their documents using information already stored in those documents - and combine this with templates based on common approaches.

  • freebudget  107)   freebudget 4.1.1
    Professional word/character/line counting + budgeting for translators, language professionals, and writers. Internal repetitions calculations. Project time estimation. Exchange rate calculator. Optional compatibility with MSWord criteria.

  • Great Budget Time Tracker Elite  108)   Great Budget Time Tracker Elite 3.0.2
    Track time use by project, by activity and by activity across projects. Use this information to analyze how you use your time and devise ways to become more productive. Use it as a tool to track billable hours and control non productive activities.

  • Advanced Bill of Materials  109)   Advanced Bill of Materials 3.51.31
    Advanced Bill of Materials is designed to create and maintain bill of materials of products. For every product Bill of Material can contain purchased and in-house manufactured parts as well as sub-assemblies.

  • RemoteScope  110)   RemoteScope 2.0
    RemoteScope is a desktop management tool designed to reduce the amount of time a network administrator spends moving from computer to computer. It performs remote control, software inventory, hardware inventory, software deployment and more.

  • 101 Contacts  111)   101 Contacts 2.07
    Kiss goodby to that slow XP dialer or the 4 speed dial limitation of the 98 dialer. 101 Contacts gives you 30 speed dial numbers. Each contact can also have an email address so you can dial or email from the same place.

  • eDocPlus document management software  112)   eDocPlus document management software 3.01
    eDocPlus document management software helps you find files faster, organize documents easily, save space and distribute information. It allows you to import files from several sources and handle any type of documents and photographs.

  • WebAsyst Address Book  113)   WebAsyst Address Book 1
    Web-based contact management software. Centralized storage for your business and personal contacts. It allows you to organize contact entries into folders and share access with your team. Open source software (PHP) or hosting (30-day free trial).

  • WR Time Tracker  114)   WR Time Tracker 0.4
    WR Time Tracker is a simple, open source, web-based time tracking system. It allows you to create user logins and organize them in teams, create and modify projects and activities, input work time, generate & send reports & invoices. 6 languages.

  • TeamTrax Lite  115)   TeamTrax Lite 1.6.1
    EZVideoSplicer is an easy to use media file editor. It allows you to encode AVI or WMV files, merge several media files together, split media into several different files, and create animations from still images.

  • Miracle Service  116)   Miracle Service 3.2.2
    Miracle Service is a service management software. It provides Customer and Equipment Management, Dispatching, Inventory and Reporting. Optional Modules provide Sales Orders and Invoices, Multiple Warehouse, PO's, PM's, and Wireless Messaging.

  • TimeCEO  117)   TimeCEO 2.3
    TimeCEO is an automated time-tracking program for those who want to take control over time spent on the PC. TimeCEO offers the most comprehensive info about selected applications usage, in numerical and graphical formats.

  • Journyx Timesheet  118)   Journyx Timesheet 5.6
    Use our Free Web Timesheets to Discover secret profits in your business and ease billing now. Automate Payroll with our New improved setup features.

  • ProjectCompanion Standard Edition  119)   ProjectCompanion Standard Edition 2005
    If you provide services in the project form, ProjectCompanion is the perfect solution, providing integrated support for project execution and administration. It supports planning, time- and expense reporting, document sharing and invoicing.

  • Time Zone Helper  120)   Time Zone Helper 3.5
    See an email's time zone and current time with just one click, and generate a time zone chart with one more click! Don't wake your boss at 3am! Time Zone Helper lets you set up different time zones for the people you talk to across the world.

  • Time Sled  121)   Time Sled 2.2.2
    This product is a time tracking utility. If you feel a need in calculation of your time that spent to different tasks then the Time Sled is for you.

  • Time Trax  122)   Time Trax 1.0.1
    Time Trax is an easy to use time management application that you can use to keep track of important tasks in your life. Using powerful features such as browse and print filters you can quickly see what tasks you want to work on.

  • RiskyProject  123)   RiskyProject 6
    RiskyProject is a project risk management and schedule risk analysis software. Project managers can use RiskyProject for project risk management and risk analysis of projects and portfolios with multiple risks and uncertainties.

  • InvestigateBase  124)   InvestigateBase 3.11
    The CRM system for the Private Investigator. Organize your customers, contacts, order and reports in one easy to use solution that helps you to work smarter. InvestigateBase can be customized to you or you can use the standard solution

  • MapleXp  125)   MapleXp 0.6.2 Beta
    MapleXp application gives you the ability to track multiple projects and categorize how much time went into each of the tasks involved. Each project can be divided into a hierarchical structure of tasks, which allows for very precise tracking of working time.

  • The Performance Organiser  126)   The Performance Organiser 2
    Organisation modelling software designed to suport a number of management planning techniques. Iit is a general purpose business analysts toolkit.

  • MrBills  127)   MrBills 2.0.05
    Easily scan, categorize, and store your bills, statements, invoices, receipts, and other documents electronically on your Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP PC using your TWAIN compatible scanner.

  • Work Order  128)   Work Order 1.1.06
    If your company issues work orders to outside contractors, our program can save you time and money! Flexible, easy to operate, single or multi-user. Does not force you to conform to any pre-determined format.

  • Cumulus Pro  129)   Cumulus Pro 2.0.2
    Cumulus is a World Class Warehouse Management System that runs distribution centers and warehouses. Inventory Management, Orders and Distribution Control, File Import / Export, Std-User Defined Reports, Service Level Measurement, Back order, ASN

  • Smartworks - Project Planner Reader  130)   Smartworks - Project Planner Reader 2.0
    Project Planner Reader - Free reader / Viewer to read files created by Smartworks Project planner version 4.X and MS Project .MPP files.. Frees you from having a project management software to share project plans among users.

  • ITWorkTimer  132)   ITWorkTimer 1.1
    Freeware which keeps track of employees worktime and makes screenshots of employees' screens to confirm that the time has been spent actually working. It calculates total work time for each employee and the salary based on individual hour rate.

  • TarotManager(tm)  133)   TarotManager(tm) 1.00
    A client manager for tarot readers. Includes client database, email, printing and many more features.

  • Actual Worktime  134)   Actual Worktime 1.0
    Actual Worktime automatically collects the most important information about all selected applications and represents it in numeric and graphic forms. You can get detailed statistics for any date just with 4 mouse clicks maximum.

  • Project Tracker  135)   Project Tracker 6.0.1
    TimeLive - Web-based collaboration tool for project management, bug tracking, employee timesheet, employee attendance, issues and expenses. Free downloadable and hosted (ASP) version.

  • Ektron DMS400  136)   Ektron DMS400 1.1
    Ektron's Web-based document management system, Ektron DMS400, integrates with Ektron CMS to enable mid-size organizations and enterprises to conquer the growing volume of information assets and publish information to the Web.

  • WorkTime  137)   WorkTime 5.22
    Fully automated PC usage/Project tracking software surveys the time spent on the PC. WorkTime gathers statistics about projects you work on, applications you run, documents you open, websites you visit and time spent for every of these activities.

  • Team@Work Professional Edition  138)   Team@Work Professional Edition 2.0.1
    An Internet and intranet based system for business workflow design, real-time teamwork coordination, task management, process scheduling, customized reporting and document management on the extended enterprise: employees and external pratners.

  • Analyzer  139)   Analyzer 4.10.04
    Analyzer Plus is daily timesheet recording software designed to reduce the drudgery of recording, analyzing and reporting on production labor content for the small to medium sized business.

  • ]project-consulting[  140)   ]project-consulting[ 3.0.beta7
    Open-source based project management and PSA (Professional Services Automation) solution for consulting companies. ]pc[ covers the entire project life cycle from sales (CRM-light), staffing, execution to invoicing and payment.

  • HIPAA Compliance  141)   HIPAA Compliance 0.9
    Use HIPPA Compliance tool to assess your level of readiness for assessment.

  • Church Office Helper  142)   Church Office Helper 2.04
    Tracks the church's membership, contributions, pledges, finances, committees, sunday school classes, music library records, sermons, church personnel, music programs, talent survey and more. User defined fields.

  • Rental planner  143)   Rental planner 1.00-R01
    Rental planner is a reservations software package developed forsmall to medium size car rental companies

  • TimeTraces  144)   TimeTraces 1.0
    TimeTraces is a time registration system that is simple by design, yet very versatile, and thus very powerfull. It is especially suited for individual employees, for entrepreneurs and for small companies.

  • Advanced Time Reports Pocket  145)   Advanced Time Reports Pocket 6.2.18
    Advanced Time Reports is a simple time tracking & project management solution that will help you increase your billable hours by better managing all your projects, clients and working hours. Used by many professionals and businesses.

  • Steelray Project Viewer  146)   Steelray Project Viewer
    Steelray Project Viewer is a Windows application that lets you open and navigate Microsoft Project mpp files and view the information in them without requiring Microsoft Project. Steelray is the world's first project navigator.

  • StockControl  147)   StockControl
    Industrial Production Manager and Stock Control software. This software will let you control any production, stock, order or supplier.

  • Employee Project Clock  148)   Employee Project Clock 7.00
    Employee Project Clock is a employee time recording program. Employee Project Clock is an ideal solution for companies that must keep track of several employees' project time on one or more workstations.

  • Rational Plan Multi Project  149)   Rational Plan Multi Project 4.1
    RationalPlan Multi Project is a powerful project management software capable of handling multiple interrelated projects and covering project management areas starting with WBS construction, project planning and scheduling to progress tracking etc.

  • TEAMeeting Method & Software  150)   TEAMeeting Method & Software 1.1.01
    The software focuses on the actual process of recurrent work meetings: preparing the meetings, managing the meetings, follow up meeting decisions and tasks, keeping records of every meeting and every team, producing statistical reports and more.

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